A Who’s Who of Traitors to Democracy

Putins grip on the GOP

Short Term Legal Decisions are Really Bad for Democracy

What was the Supreme Court thinking?

Aileen Cannon: Uniquely Unqualified

Detailed look at where this one came from, political maneuvering, and the broad implications.

Billionaires Who Vote You Out

Uncovering how cash impacts legislation and which oligarchs are paying which congressmen.

Citizens United and Chevron Deference

The protection of corporations and the geopolitical ramifications of dark money shenanigans.

Putin and a GOP Congress

Dishwasher decisions hint at deeper allegiances and bigger problems.


Years of GOP Ideas

Over 25 years unraveling the intricate ties in complex legal scenarios.


Bad Outcomes

Over 1500 clients enlightened, bringing concealed truths to light.


Putin’s Propagandists

Seasoned experts delving into comprehensive and revealing representation.

Putin’s GOP sheds light on a hidden agenda to destroy democracy.

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